I am a post-doctoral researcher in astrophysics at the Institut d’Astrophysique de Paris, working in the BLACK ERC project led by Marta Volonteri. I completed my PhD at the Observatoire de Lyon in 2016 with Jérémy Blaizot.

I work on numerical simulations of high-redshift galaxies with the AMR code RAMSES. My main research interest is the formation and evolution of galaxiesat high redshift. During my thesis, I tried to model how the hydrogen-ionising radiation (λ ≤ 912 Å) emitted by massive stars in star-forming galaxies escapes into the inter-galactic medium. This is thought to be the mechanism responsible for the reionisation of the Universe that happened between z ~ 15 and z ~ 6 — the Epoch of Reionisation.

Before that, I modeled the Lyman-α radiation emitted by gas infalling on giant galaxies to understand observations of so-called “Lyman-α blobs”.

When I am not doing astrophysics, I share my free time between rock climbing, photography, science outreach and having fun with Python. I also enjoy discovering new cuisines and hopefully managing to cook a bit.